Vendors’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you want to know?

Do we have to use generators or is there electricity provided?

Generators will not be allowed at this location. We do provide electrical service of 220 V at 50 A and two 110 V 20 amp services at each food truck space.

What plugs are available for the electrical hookups?

The following image is from our electrical panel provided near the food truck parking spots.

Picture of outlets for food truck vendors to use

The outlets are NEMA 14-50R (left) and NEMA TT-30R (right). Adapters can be purchased in a number of places. Several of our current vendors have bought them here, this adapter is a NEMA 14-50P to NEMA L14-30R.

How many food trucks can there be?

We have room for up to 5 different food trucks.

Can a vendor bring a canopy set up instead of a truck?

No, we do not allow canopy setups. Only trucks or trailers.

What does it cost to rent a food truck space?

Spots start at $50/day, if you book consecutive days you are free to leave your trailer/truck overnight. 

Monthly rates are done by invitation, generally after at least one day has been completed.

Do you offer Commissary Services?

No, we do not offer commissary services (location for preparing and storing food, storing and cleaning your truck, and in some cases even performing maintenance).

However, booking consecutive days at our location makes you eligible for overnight parking. That way you do not have to haul your trailer away, just to return it the next day.

Are there water hookups?

No, we do not provide hookups for water.

What permits are needed?

Food trucks will have to obtain permits through Universal City.


The link below will take you to the city website to apply for the permit and the inspection ($120 for 12 month permit).


You will then coordinate with the Health Inspector, Ms. Maldonado. (


We are currently offering a rate of $50 a day for new vendors. We do offer a 1 month lease for selected vendors after the first month.


Each spot has 220 v and dumpster access. 

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